Chapman Aero Academy

Chapman Aero Academy

At Chapman Aero Academy, we provide Drone flight training for pilots interested in utility, TV, Way Point, Flight Planning, content gathering, search and recuse, and a number of other exciting careers.

Learning to fly can be an amazing experience, and we have the knowledge, courses and equipment to help you make your dream of flying Drones a reality.

Becoming A Pilot

We currently maintain a fleet of over 20 training Drone, mostly made up of DJI Multi-rotors. We have the highest standards for Drone maintenance so you will always have access to safe and reliable aircraft. All of our aircraft are maintained by our factory-authorized Chapman Aerospace LLC mechanics and repair station.

Another key component of our training programs is using the latest flight simulator technology. Our instructors are trained to use all these tools to help you become a skilled Drone pilot. Our students receive dedicated, one-on-one training from our instructors, along with hands on classrooms experience. We are committed to providing you with a quality education and real-world skills.

If your company is looking for quality training under your FAA-approved Flight Operations Manual, Chapman Aero Academy can provide tailored training programs to meet your needs and the FAA's specifications.

Located in sunny Southern California we can pretty much fly 340 days a year.

Flight Training Facility

Chapman Aero Academy's Flight Training Facility Includes

  • Class rooms
  • Simulators
  • Drones
  • Instructors (CFI)
  • 200 acres of real world flight training with Power Lines, buildings, search and rescue, wind mills, and a wide variety of operations.
  • Classes can be tailored to clients operations.

Become a Drone Pilot

Become a Drone Pilot

We are a FAA-approved Flight Training School, which means that we operate under the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Section 333 Chapman Aerospace LLC Exemption.
(Exemption was granted on May 1, 2015)

We constantly strive to provide the most effective training to meet your needs. Whether you are ready to launch a career as a Drone pilot or are considering flight-training programs, contact us today and find out how we can help.

What do you need

What do you need

Under today's regulations to become a commercial Drone pilot, you must have a Privat Pilot's license and 3rd Class Medical Certificate.

If you don't have either one, no worries, Chapman Aero Academy provides the proper courses to get you on the right track.


PPL Ground School Course

  • 20 Hours Ground School Logged By CFI,
  • CATS Test

2-Week Drone Course

  • Exemption 333
  • Flight Operations Manual
  • POH
  • Maintenance Manual
  • 8 Hour Simulator time
  • Recap
  • 2 hours actual flight time
  • Test day
Payment Options

4-Week Drone Course

  • Fundamentals Multi-rotor flight & Drone Flight
  • Exemption 333 and regulations
  • Flight Operations Manual
  • POH DJI S-1000
  • Maintenance Course
  • 15 Hour Simulator time
  • Recap
  • 5 hours actual flight time
  • Test day, Oral, Flight,



  • Drone Simulator time with instructor charged per hour

  • Actual Drone Flight time with instructor charged per hour

  • Ground Instructor charged per hour

  • Solo Drone supervised

For pricing and other details, please contact us via e-mail at:

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