Our Services

Booking a Drone means not just the actual Drone,- it requires a little bit more.
We will actually provide you a complete turnkey system with a minimum of one pilot, one Drone, and the required payload, either camera(s) and or sensors for various applications, depending on your needs. We also can include a cameraman if required.
All of our equipment and personnel are FAA certified and approved. Our equipment is maintained on a strict protocol according to our maintenance manuals. Every system has been tested before it leaves our premises. Safety is our main concern, and we won't cut corners.

For pricing and other details, please contact us via e-mail at: info@chapmanaero.com

Type of Services

  • Real Estate Videography and Photography
  • TV Shows (Documentary, Reality, Science, Sports)
  • Low Budget Films
  • Feature Films
  • Utility Inspections (Power Lines, Wind Turbines, Solar Farmes, Gas & Oil Pipelines)
  • Construction Inspections
  • Visual Effects (VFX)
  • Prop Drones for Movies
  • Agriculture Inspections and Data Collection
  • Sports Events

Preparations before Services

Mission Description (Project Packet)

We need to provide the following information to the FAA before every commercial flight. This is taken out of our operation manual.

1.1. General.
Chapman Aerospace will develop a written document detailing the specifics of the planned operation (hereinafter referred to as "Project Packet").

1.2. Airspace Considerations.
If the survey falls within controlled airspace including class B, C, or D or within the extended approach corridor of controlled airspace, the appropriate controlling facility will be contacted and an acceptable method to obtain clearance to enter and operate within the controlled airspace will be obtained. Operations within these airspace types will not be authorized without consent from the FAA. Contact information for the controlling facility will be included in the Project Packet.

1.3. Project Packet Contents.
The Project Packet shall contain the following minimum information.

1.4. FAA Coordination prior to operations.
At least three (3) days prior to the planned activity, Chapman Aerospace LLC, will submit a written plan of activities to the local FSDO with jurisdiction over the area of proposed operation. This plan may be the Project Packet (defined below) itself, or another form of written communication with at least the following minimum information:

  • Dates and times for all flights.
  • Name and phone number of the primary point of contact for Chapman Aerospace overseeing the proposed activity. This may be the PIC as determined by Chapman Aerospace.
  • Name and phone number of the PIC.
  • Make, model and serial or N-number of the Aircraft to be used.
  • Name and certificate number of the PIC involved in the activity.
  • A statement of permission to operate from the property owner and/or local officials as applicable.
  • Signature of the Chapman Aerospace representative responsible for maintaining the approval of Aircraft operations under this document.
  • Description of the flight activity, including maps or diagrams of any area, city, town, county, and/or state over which the operation will be conducted and the altitudes essential to accomplish the operation.

Drone - Camera Configurations

Various Combinations of Drones and Cameras

The following packages are available:

Drone DJI s900 DJI s1000+ Chapman X12
Camera Go Pro Go Pro Go Pro
Panasonic GH4 Panasonic GH4 Panasonic GH4
5-D Mark III 5-D Mark III 5-D Mark III
Other DSLR Other DSLR Other DSLR